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Backstage Maps is a Philadelphia-based company focusing on linking visitors to local businesses. We offer tourists and visitors the opportunity to navigate Philadelphia like a local. We highlight everything from hidden gems to the trendiest hot spots, from bars and restaurants to salons and clothing stores.

In 2012, a record 38 million people visited Philadelphia making it the 12th most internationally visited city in the United States. The increasing number of visitors to Philadelphia, along with the expansion of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, has created a unique opportunity for local businesses to capture more customers.

Backstage Maps has worked with Philly-based artists and designers to create a user friendly map and guide. This guide is a great way for businesses to increase exposure and steer visitors to their unique offerings. Using an artist's rendition of Philadelphia, local businesses have the ability to connect with a larger percentage of visitors resulting in more exposure and customers.

As space is limited, it is critical that you act today to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Advertising on Backstage Maps

We provide you a variety of options to engage audiences in a way that fits your needs. Whether you want your business to be included on the online version of the map, place individual ads on the front of the printed map, or be listed in the business index, we can accommodate your specific needs.

  • Map Placement

    Map Placement

    Place a pinpoint of your business on the web version of our map.

  • Personalized Ads

    Personalized Ads

    This option provides front page placement around the printed version of our map.

  • Business Index Listing

    Business Index Listing

    List your business on the index located on the back of the printed map.

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